Our philosophy

In order to achieve our goals, we consider it our debt of honor to keep to, in accordance with the national law in force, the following provisions related to rendering services which are deemed as provisions ensuring the maximal quality level.

By quality of service we mean:

- Knowing and understanding the needs of the clients;
- Professionalism;
- Providing an efficient and competitive service.

А. General provisions:

1. To act solely in case of a written contract or agreement consistent with the law in force.
2. In case of a conflict between the parties, to demonstrate professional consistency convincingly and to act in accordance with the code of ethic and disinterestedness requirements.
3. Not to accept any personal remunerations, benefits and bonuses in any form, except for the established ones within the framework of the agreement.
4. Not to gain any hidden profits, benefits or bonuses from transactions and operations.
5. Not to act in the interests of both parties without client’s permission.
6. To have an insurance coverage for professional liability and to ensure underwriting of the funds places on behalf of third parties in accordance with the national law.
7. To strictly observe the provisions of the EPAG code of conduct, as well as the code of conduct of the national professional association.
8. To be subject to the jurisdiction bodies of the professional associations (both European and national).

В. Liabilities towards our clients

1. To fulfill the task vested in the real estate agent by the client quickly and professionally.
2. To manage the matters entrusted to the real estate agent diligently and strictly confidentially.
3. To show adherence to principles and impartiality when suggesting decision mostly convenient to the client.
4. To protect the client from any actions which contradict the provisions of the national and European law and the established regulations.
5. As a real estate agent, never to accept options for any real property items for sale with or without the rights to transfer to another person.

Besides, real estate agent shall:

1. To strictly observe the provisions of the European anti money laundering directive.
2. To strictly observe the code of conduct towards European Electronic Commerce Directive.
3. To apply, as much as possible, and to observe the provisions contained in the decisions, orders, recommendations and directives of the European Commission related to real estate sector.
4. To exert a continuous and efficient control of the work individuals or legal persons or any persons which are an integral part of the real estate agency.
5. To reject any task entrusted to the real estate agent if its content and/or fulfillment could damage the dignity and the interests of the professional activity.
6. To aim to eliminate, inside our organization, any actions which could damage the consumers or the dignity of the professional activity.

C. Ensuring quality standards

1. To use relevant technical means of communication and of business management for a prompt notification of the clients on the course of the current negotiations.
2. To update the professional documentation daily and to ensure an access to it using most convenient technical means.
3. To use the services of the research department, as well as of the competent and experienced employees.
4. To undergo the necessary professional advanced training regularly.