Opening a bank account in France and Monaco for physical and juridical persons

Providing a wide range of services for individuals and corporations Our company offers you a range of services of administrative and economic nature in France and Monaco:

For individuals and corporations: Regular management*:

1. Opening a bank account
2. Obtaining a resident card
3. Obtaining local automobile number plates
4. Obtaining or replacing of driver’s licenses
5. Registration and management of bills (water, power, gas supply etc.)
6. Receiving administrative letters
7. Filling in all types of declarations and statements
8. Rent of cars and personal drivers
9. Daily follow-up visits to real estate units
10. Prompt intermediation in case of problems; around-the-clock service
11. Booking of hotels, restaurants, tickets.

Additional services:

1. Creation of a legal form (SCI etc.) upon purchase of immovable property.
2. Recommendation when selecting experts to close transactions: notaries, lawyers, bankers, accountants.
3. Creation of a legal form when starting a firm in France and Monaco.
4. Providing services in the field of architecture and interior design:
     a) Obtaining permissions for construction
     b) Tenders
     c) Management and control on construction works

• Payment for the ‘regular management’ services is calculated for each task separately.