Obtention of permission of construction

Having more than a 35-years experience in professional activity in the south of France, the region where stricter and stricter regulations of city planning and landscaping, instructions and laws impose very difficult requirements to obtaining permissions for construction, we understand the problems of our region related to the natural landscape, especially in the areas adjacent to the sea coast, as well as on the land plots which are located in risk zones (landslides, cavings etc.).
These objects are classified as being under protection of high level; there are stricter requirements to obtaining permissions for construction and reconstruction. However, our full understanding of all these problems, including the existing practice of the French state bodies and technical services in the main cities located along the French Riviera, helped us to obtain lots of permissions, and the success rate exceeded 95%. Terms of completion may be up to 3 (three) months for simple orders and more than a year for projects requiring special attention.