For investors


There are lots of investment possibilities in France. All of them have common characteristics, both in the capital and outside of metropolitan areas:
Special attention is paid to the location of real estate units as a guarantee for a success of one’s investments.

In order to find the best solution for your investments, our agency cooperates on a permanent basis with a team of professionals such notaries, lawyers, bankers, which allows us studying the market thoroughly and ensuring the success of you transaction.

There are many investment categories:

1. Real estate speculator - “Profit” - Marchand de biens

a. A person who buys real estate for a short-term (for less than 2 years) in order to resell it and to gain profit.

b. “Profit” investment mode, also called “stock-picking” at the stock exchange, consists in selection and purchase of real estate property the cost of which is currently reduced on the real estate market in order to resell it when its cost grows.

c. Real estate speculator selects one or several real estate units which would allow him, in case of resale, gaining in the price difference (at the average approx. 30 %). As a rule, it requires conducting relevant works, of administrative and general nature, i.e. to divide the area with real estate units into lots, to fulfill repairs and construction work and, as an option, to prepare a project and to obtain permission for construction.

d. Regardless of the type real estate property, from apartments to villas and hotel complexes, speculator may raise the cost of the selected units up to 100%. There are several investment programs applied to each real estate unit.

2. To new houses (developer’s activity / commercial construction):

a. An ability to invest into real estate with simplified taxation, such as Duflot and Censi-Bouvard schemes, according to which the owner may start the construction works, reserving the right to let his real estate property for lease for 9 years.

Upon expiration of this term, he may sell his real estate property, even if he has not repaid his loan. Taking in consideration the fact that the dwelling was new as of the moment of purchase, it becomes even simpler for him to resell the real property. A what’s more important, real estate objects under construction are sold at lower prices than the ones after the completion of construction. Additional profit comes after the keys are handed over.

3. To leased housing

a. Nowadays, investment in construction of leased housing is a preferred method of investing. A series of measures for simplification of taxation taken by the government allows the investors to partially finance their real estate unit thanks to the reduced taxes and payment of the rental fee.

b. Taking into account the many investment methods and the wishes of each client, our experts will assist you to select the most optimal scheme for your investments.