Managment of real estate


Manager is an agent (an authorized person) who manages one or several real estate units, representing the interests of the owner.
Unlike simple lease, in this type of task, our company offers you the full scope of services which is clearly described in the contract:
from signing a lease contract and making a technical certificate of the rented premises, solving technical problems, payments of your charges (in case you real estate unit is a part of a cooperative), obtaining rental fee etc. to furnishing, in case necessary.

All efforts will be made so that the owner, once he receives his authority for agency, obtained monthly or quarterly estimation report for his property.

The owner entrusts the relevant real estate unit to the real estate manager in order to ensure its profitability. In fact, leasing of real property requires constant and efficient work, namely:

1. Prior to the lease – to search for a Lessee and to make up a lease contract.

2. During the lease – ensure control of payments and final settlements, as well as the work which are done in case necessary.

3. After expiration of the lease period – to ensure continuity during the period of change of the Lessees.

In practice, a real estate manager is appointed to carry out 3 types of work:

Accounting powers: financial management of the rental fee, keeping count of costs, accounts, final settlements.

Technical powers: knowledge of civil engineering for all types of work, making up and maintaining a technical certificate, defining the size of the rental fee.

Practical powers: visits, correspondence, telereference, information requests.
Commission may vary from 5 to 8 % of the amount of remuneration, depending on the monthly rental fee charged by the owner of the immovable property.



Payment of rental fee and of other amounts charged on the Lessees to the account of the real estate unit opened in the name of the owner / accounting / Payment of invoices (issued by suppliers, small companies providing consumer services, state and local authorities…) / final settlements for the owner upon Lessee’s moving in / moving out /  Distribution of costs between owners / Lessees / payment reminders.
Technical management of real estate units:

Regular visits to the managed real estate units / technical consulting / providing cost estimates for the fulfilment of works and control for their fulfilment.
Technical management of the lease:

Adjustment of rental fee payment / metering in case of change of the Lessee (upon moving in and moving out) /  searching for a Lessee / making up contracts of lease in written form and representative participation in their signing, providing guarantees / Stating the condition of the leased unit before and after the lease (technical certificate).
Thus, we respond for obtaining profit for our clients – the owners of the leased units and for preserving their investments in the real estate, ensuring a fair and efficient management opened for both Lessors and Lessees. All management activity is carried out in accordance with the Code of Conduct issued by IPI (Professional Institute for Real Estate Agents) regulating our agency’s professional activity.