About us

The main purpose of our real estate agency is to provide qualified assistance to our clients in search of real estate for purchase or rent. The agency may act as an intermediary and solve the problems arising between of the owners on the one part and buyers or lessees on the other part. Thanks to our many years’ experience, you can make use of our extensive database containing newly added real estate units, stay informed on the most interesting and beneficial offers.

Our agency will provide you with the most important thing – promptness and reliability of your transaction; it will make the necessary search and selection for you. Working with us, you will save up your time and efforts; you will obtain legal protection and you will receive your real estate property on optimal terms.

In case of a mutual arrangement between the parties and as a result of the relevant transaction, the client shall pay the agency a fee set forth by the contract.

Please see our website for details. We charge certain commission from the value of the real estate unit or from the rental fee upon signing a notarial act or a lease contract. In other words, we obtain our fees as per the result. We indicate the percentage of commission prior to rendering the service. As to leasing, invoices for the services may be issued in advance.

Real Estate Romanoff Property

In all cases, the agency fee is subject to negotiation. The benefit we offer is providing support during the period after the purchase of real estate. Our team of architects, designers and decorators provide our clients with an ability to control the refinement and transformation of their real estate units, regardless of the stage of work, including requests for permission of construction, making the plan of works and control on its fulfillment, settlement of any matters with the contractors implementing construction works etc.